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ASAP Plumbing uses its skilled professionals and highly equipped vans for quick delivery of the following domestic and industrial services:
  • Plumbing facility maintenance
  • Pipe laying and fitting for new buildings
  • Sanitary features installation (E.g. WC, shower, bathtub, sink, etc.)
  • Irrigation systems and garden sprinkler installation
  • Overhead and underground water tank reservoir installation
  • Washing machine, dishwasher and water heater installation
  • Small sewage plank (manhole) construction
  • Downpipe (rainwater gutter) installation
  • Construction and repair of drainage and sewage systems
  • Pump installation

We promote a culture of regular maintenance

About us

ASAP PLUMBING is a registered Accra-based company that offers quick and professional plumbing services to private residences, corporate firms, construction companies, real estate and facility management companies.


We promote a culture of efficient maintenance. With teams of skilled personnel and our mobile workshop vans well equipped with various tools and equipment, we pride ourselves with the delivery of prime quality plumbing service and a 100% guarantee of job satisfaction.


Safety on the field is of key importance to ASAP Plumbing and we contribute to the improvement of the communities and the environment in which we work.


We provide the following industrial and residential services among others:


ASAP Plumbing has the competitive advantage of well-equipped vans, highly trained
professionals with several years of experience, pre-financing capacity and efficient
administration, to serve both industrial and domestic clients.
  • AquaGro Limited
  • Akosombo Textiles Limited
  • China Shanxi Sijan Group
  • DK Construction Limited
  • Midas Oil and Gas Limited
  • Ghana Rubber Limited
  • Gokals Laborex Limited
  • Insel Communication Limited
  • Kaeme Body Care Limited
  • Yagmur Group

We Impact the communities we work in, especially in the area of sanitation

Contact Us

+233(0)302-90-4198 |+233(0)556-06-7215

info@asap-plumbing.net | asapghltd@gmail.com

3 Eben Nikoi Avenue Ashaley-Botwe